How does it work?

  1. If you havent already, download and install the Unicorns Mac app.
  2. Connect an iPhone or iPad to your Mac and start the Unicorns app.
  3. Once your device is connected, click stream. Thats it! You're streaming, it's that easy.
  4. You'll be given a unique URL which you can share publicly or privately. Here's an example.
  5. Viewers visiting the URL can watch live whilst chatting with text and emoji's
All the FAQs

What's it for?

Live game streaming, usability tests, app previews, feedback and bug reporting, the possibilities are endless... well... sort of, but we're excited to see how you might use it — so give it a go and let us know!

Who created it?

Lookback. The project began as an experiment, a fun side-project, but we found it so useful that we decided it should be released for everyone.

If you would like to request features, follow our progress or just say hi! please follow us on Twitter.